Prime Strategy Consultants, as a leading provider of human resources solutions in the Middle East, will carry out your HR recruitment exactly as you envision it. At Prime Strategy Consultants, we believe that establishing a team entails looking beyond a candidate’s qualifications.

Finding and retaining exceptional people is an essential component of a successful business. The recruitment process entails identifying the right candidate for the job, based on their abilities, experience, and personality.  It entails a number of steps, including gathering and assessing applicant resumes, performing in-depth job interviews, and hiring and onboarding employees.

Our skilled recruiters assure precise skill matching and a thorough examination of a candidate’s background and previous work experience. We keenly observe more about a candidate’s personality and ambitions to see if they can help our clients achieve their objectives.

Overseas Recruitment

Local Recruitment

Manpower Planning / Pre-opening Hiring

Executive Headhunting

Background Verification

Onboarding / Induction

Why Prime Strategy Consultants

With over 20 years of expertise across different sectors and continents, we provide solid, trusted guidance and support as one of the best HR Outsourcing businesses in UAE. We use a proactive and comprehensive approach that covers everything from hiring to employee engagement. Over these years, we have served numerous industries which includes – retail, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, FMCG and much more.

  • Highly Experienced & Responsive Team
  • Compliance with UAE labor laws
  • Diverse Industries
  • Versatile and Pro-active approach