HR Business Partnering Services

//HR Business Partnering Services

In designated business units, an HR business partner is responsible for matching company objectives with the management and employees. The HR business partner forms alliances throughout the HR function to provide management and employees with value-added services that align with the organization’s business objectives. As an HR partner to various enterprises, Prime Strategy Consultants maintains an effective degree of business literacy regarding the business unit’s financial state, midterm plans, culture, and competitiveness.

We collaborate and work directly with the organization’s senior leadership to build and direct an HR agenda that closely complements their corporate goals. We work closely with top-level management and the C-suite on a regular basis, rather than working as part of the internal human resources department.

Our highly motivated and experienced consultants are providing us the comprehensive HR solutions that will give us an edge to be an HR business partner to any organization. We always have a deep understanding of the business and ensure that our interventions make a positive impact.

Some of the HR Business Patterning services which we offer are:

  • HR Department Startups
  • HR Help Desk / Consultation
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Organization Structure / Workforce Planning
  • HR Policies / Employee Handbook
  • HR Forms
  • HR Strategy & Implementation
  • Onsite HR Support
  • Employee Engagement