HR Audit & Consulting

//HR Audit & Consulting

The HR audit is the primary means of analyzing HR effectiveness and efficiency and objectively reporting findings to include developmental recommendations from a best practice perspective. The HR audit also improves compliance and develops further infrastructure to support and grow the potential of the company’s Human Capital.

At Prime Strategy Consultants, we understand the effort and expense that comes with the development of every HR process and practice.

Our HR Audit process focus on:

  • Assessing the compliance of your organization with all relevant local regulations and laws.
  • Comparing the HR process and practices of your organization with other market leaders for competitiveness.
  • Alignment of HR practices across verticals – recruitment, performance management, and so on with the organization’s business goals and vision.
  • Focusing on the key elements of HR – employee handbook, communication, engagement, training, and development, etc. Keeping the organization’s short-term as well as long-term objectives into consideration.

An HR Audit is not just a tool to find deficiencies, it is a vital element of succeeding in today’s business environment. Staying ahead of the curve is what can help you gain a competitive edge and that is exactly what Prime Strategy Consultants will help you achieve.